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Cultura Chacao and Backroom Caracas create CCS Forum 2015:

Building The Desired City

five keystones of sustainable development


With support from the United States Embassy in Caracas and the Central University of Venezuela, the first edition of the forum “Building The Desired City” will be held throughout 2015 with participation from five international specialists.


Inspired by the ideal of a city that offers its citizens and future generations quality of life and with the aim of creating a space for thinking about sustainability, Cultura Chacao and Backroom Caracas have joined forces to create CCS Forum 2015.


The first edition of the forum, which is supported by the United States Embassy’s Office of Public Affairs in Caracas and the Central University of Venezuela, and is entitled “Building The Desired City”, will begin on May 5 and run throughout the year in different locations in the Chacao Municipality and Caracas’ University Campus.


The events will feature five internationally acclaimed experts who will draw on their research, experiences and visions to reflect on themes such as educating for sustainability, nutrition and children’s health, environmentally-friendly architecture, community, the environment, social issues, public space and art.


The guest speakers at “Building The Desired City” are the renowned consultant in education and sustainability, Wynn Calder; the chef, author and promoter of healthy food for children, Ann Cooper; the business leader and expert in environmentally-friendly architecture, Larry Black; the historian and anthropologist Joseph Tainter and the visual artist and designer Nancy Nowacek.


The program of activities includes public conferences by each guest expert at the Chacao Cultural Center’s Municipal Theater, which has capacity for 500 people. The guests will also hold meetings with students and professors at the Central University of Venezuela. This participation stems from the principle of sustainability, which entails looking responsibly and actively toward the development of future generations without compromising the resources at hand. The UCV will use this occasion to promote the work and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism’s Institute of Experimental Development (IDEC), which engages in research, teaching and community outreach in built spaces.


Wynn Calder: sustainability and strategic planning for education

The specialist Wynn Calder will deliver the inaugural conference at “Building The Desired City” on May 5 at 11 a.m. at the Municipal Theater at the Chacao Cultural Center, located on Avenida Tamanaco in El Rosal. The celebrated consultant will talk about his experience in environmental literacy and sustainability in educational institutions.


Calder is the director of Sustainable Schools, LLC, an organization that helps schools and universities incorporate sustainability in their strategic planning and their educational and instructional practices. With over 15 years of experience, Calder is also director of the association University Leaders for a Sustainable Future and editor of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development.


CCS Forum 2015 “Building The Desired City” will begin on May 5 at the Chacao Cultural Center. The forum is free, open to all and simultaneous translation will be provided.


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