If They Don’t Love You… Let’s Dance

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we bring a gift for those who have an impossible love, especially if it unfolds without a sorrow. The following is a 2 hours and 25 minutes mix, specially prepared for the occasion, courtesy of a member of our team, Abraham Araujo [DJWOWQuéDJ].


Our Backroomix #0002 “If They Don’t Love You… Let’s dance” works as an invitation in mixtape form, flavored with cinematographic extracts that illuminate some ways of unanswered love, crossing a wide range of cloying melodies, some reassuring and some others allusive to dancing and celebrating like there’s no tomorrow after the disenchantment of love.


Happy day to all of you lovebirds, shameless rose-manipulators, bosses and secretaries, hardened singles, teen-aged couples and newly engaged. May all of you be welcome to listen and, of course, to dance.


M♡♡nd♡g – I L♡ve Y♡u / (Dialogues from L’Am♡ur L’Apres Midi, directed by Eric Rohmer) / B♡la de Nieve – Ni quiero que me ♡dies / (Dialogues from  Happiness, directed by Todd Solondz) / (Dialogues from The Last Movie, directed by Dennis Hopper) / Iggy P♡p feat. Franç♡ise Hardy – I’ll be seeing you / (Dialogues from  Man Bites Dog, directed by Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel y Benoît Poelvoorde) / France Gall – ♡n se ressemble t♡i et m♡i / Willie Hutch – H♡spital prelude ♡f l♡ve theme / Brent♡n W♡♡d – I want l♡ve / – Entrevista a C. Buk♡wski: “L♡ve’s a f♡g, it burns” / Van M♡rris♡n – Sweet thing (Dialogues from  Submarine, directed by Richard Ayoade) / B♡♡tsy’s Rubber Band – I’d rather be with y♡u / – Entrevista a Danny Br♡wn: “A g♡♡d thing ab♡ut music” / Bill Withers – Heartbreak r♡ad / Sly & The Family St♡ne – Just like a baby / Jane Birkin – M♡n am♡ur baiser / (Dialogues from  Style Wars, directed by Tony Silver y Henry Chalfant) / – Entrevista a Mark G♡nzales: “I’m t♡♡ seri♡us/i need t♡ have fun” / (Dialogues from  Minnie & Moskowitz, directed by John Cassavetes) / (Dialogues from Missing, directed by Costas Gavras) / – Entrevista a Peter Falk: “It’s n♡t sentimentality” / J♡hn Coltrane – Part 1 – Ackn♡wledgement / The♡ Parrish – Paradise architects (intro) / The♡ Parrish – Sky walking / Nina Sim♡ne – See-line w♡man (Masters at Work remix) / Andrés – M♡ments in life / Peven Everett – Put y♡ur back int♡ it / Mulatu Astatke – Yèkèrm♡ sèw (edit) / Frank & T♡ny – L♡ve brut / ♡sunlade – Di♡nne / Prix Ch♡c – Etienne de Crecy / Sylvia – Pill♡w talk (c. phillips edit) / Les Sins – Grind / DJ Slym Fas – Mem♡ries (slym fas workout mix) / Kerrier District – Let’s dance and freak / Kaytranada – Lite sp♡ts / Ph♡t♡machine – H.E.R. (raw edit) / Parris Mitchell – Beatnix / Jamal M♡ss – I’m g♡nna gherk the fuck out of you / Industry Standard – What y♡u want / Mr. G – My fathers farda (Mr. G’s soundboyz dub) / Rick Wilhite – What d♡ y♡u see (Rick’s unreleased mid) / Ralphi R♡sari♡ – Y♡u used to h♡ld me / ♡ppenheimer Analysis – The devil’s dancers / Kraftwerk – C♡mputer l♡ve / (Dialogues from  The Hunger, directed by Ridley Scott) / (Dialogues from  The Man Who Fell To Earth, directed by Nicolas Roeg) / (Dialogues from  Sex, Lies & Videotapes, directed by Steven Soderbergh) / (Dialogues from  Minnie & Moskowitz, directed by John Cassavetes).