Larry Black: Optimizing and Making Waste Profitable

Following the success of previous conferences by Wynn Calder and Ann Cooper, CCS Forum 2015: Building the Desired City continues. This time, Larry Black arrives to introduce us to the field of urban design and the use of waste as a strategy for sustainability.


Thinking about the city and fostering a productive exchange of ideas and of creative and successful projects is the common objective of Cultura Chacao and Backroom Caracas, organizers of CCS Forum 2015: Building the Desired City, an ambitious annual program created to foster knowledge on key issues for sustainable development. It is supported by the Embassy of the United States and the Universidad Central de Venezuela.


The third session of the forum is led by Larry Black, a consultant and director of waste management strategic business at the renowned firm William McDonough + Partners. It will take place next Tuesday, July 7th, at 11:00 AM, at the Municipal Theater of Chacao. This conference will emphasize a core aspect of sustainability: urban design and the use of waste. The issue of waste will be the center of Black’s talk «Imagine a city… The images and ideas of William McDonough».


Black will take us on a complete tour of William McDonough’s designs from his Cradle-to-Cradle® design protocol, which has transformed the design of products, processes, buildings, and cities around the world.


The protocol states that cities can be positive growth models, where sewage systems can become nutrient management systems; cities can be powered by solar energy, mobility options can be driven by renewable sources ––easily accessible and abundant––, and clean water, healthy soils, and fresh air can be enjoyed by all.


In Imagine a City… Black will outline the Hannover Principles, formulated by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, to enter an exploration of eight key concepts, beginning with the elimination of the idea of waste, and deriving on important topics such as the continuous optimization of energy as a growing asset, food, habitat creation, and clean water.


Black will also discuss waste management and recycling, identifying key aspects of the process: Design for Recycling, a Cradle-to-Cradle® approach, to explore the relationship between design and commercial recycling. He will speak of the challenges and opportunities faced by communities and manufactures to create products and processes that allow recycling in the real world. Subsequently, he will refer to the Waste Audits to understand the operational efficiency and safety of a building, business or manufacturing firm, and thus increase recycling, profit, and productivity.


Finally, Larry Black will analyze the future and short-term reality of waste and recycling. How does the future of waste flow management look, and how will the gap that separates it from our current reality be closed? How does the current circular economy impact on waste flow considerations? How does the recyclable materials market integrate into the current decision-making processes of governments and businesses?


Larry Black, of William McDonough + Partners, is a remarkable specialist, entrepreneur and business leader, who has worked in a wide variety of industries related to the environment, waste and recycling, energy, retail, manufacturing, and commercial real estate development.


This third session of CCS Forum 2015 closes our activities of the first semester to give way, in October, to historian and anthropologist Joseph Tainter. In November, visual artist and designer Nancy Nowacek will be our guest.


For further information on William McDonough + Partners and the Cradle to Cradle® protocol:

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