Backroom Caracas at CCS FORUM 2015



Backroom Caracas is pleased to announce CCS FORUM 2015, a space created in union with Cultura Chacao to promote the discussion of sustainability in Caracas. With support from the Office of Public Affairs of the Embassy of the United States of America and Universidad Central de Venezuela, this event will feature five cycles throughout an entire year. Our international guests will be experts in the areas of literacy for sustainability, food and children’s health, environmental architecture and community, environment and social complexity, and public space and art.


From our very beginning, we have been inspired to work for the promotion and implementation of contemporary art in our country through educational, exhibition, and publishing enterprises. The creation of CCS FORUM 2015, whose first edition is entitled «Building the Desired City,” obeys our responsibility to our environment and our desire to offer more formative experiences, establish alliances, and anticipate the continuation of our artist residency program La Silla del Diablo, which we have carried out along with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the UCV. American visual artist and designer Nancy Nowacek will be our resident artist and will close this year’s edition. During the other cycles, the forum will welcome guests of recognized trajectory: Wynn Calder, consultant in education for sustainability, Ann Cooper, chef, author, and promoter of healthy eating for children, Larry Black, business leader and environmental architecture expert, and Joseph Tainter, historian and anthropologist.


Each one of these guests will impart a master class in the Municipal Theater of Chacao. These lectures will be open to the public, free, and simultaneously translated. The guest in charge of opening the cycle will be specialist Wynn Calder; this first event will take place on May 5 at 11 AM at the Centro Cultural Chacao, located on Tamanaco Ave. of El Rosal.




About Backroom Caracas:

A hybrid space that produces editorial and curatorial content concerning contemporary art.


About La Silla del Diablo:

A residency program for internationally-renowned artists that is implemented according to an agreement between Backroom Caracas and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidad Central de Venezuela. The first edition was attended by American architect and sculptor Jarrod Beck with the project Balance (2013); later, by Venezuelan filmmaker Mariana Rondón, with her interactive installation Superbloque (2014), and by Venezuelan visual artist Ángela Bonadies with Proyecto Inverso (2014).


About Nancy Nowacek:

Visual artist, designer, and educator whose work focuses on day-to-day ecology: everyday processes, codes, and habits. Her projects examine the relationship between time sensation and bodily sensation in the late, post-industrial capitalist period. Her work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Canada.