Valentina Alvarado

Fotografía: Vanessa Martins.

Valentina Alvarado (Maracaibo, 1986) is a visual artist with a degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad del Zulia, where she also taught. She holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation from the Universitat de Barcelona (2016). Her career in graphic design and fashion –as director and founder of the brand Oh! Nena– has coexisted with her artistic development. Her work has been exhibited in group shows such as Propuestas de arte emergente (Centro de Arte Los Galpones, Caracas, 2011), Reconstruir territorios (Oficina # 1. Velada de Santa Lucía, Maracaibo, 2011). Historial de navegación was her first solo exhibition (Backroom Caracas, 2014).


Her work has also been featured in JustMAD (Madrid, 2015) with Backroom Caracas; XVII Salón Banesco Jóvenes con FIA (Periférico Caracas, 2015); Collective Mapes Des Orientats: Pere Pruna (Barcelona, 2015). Some of her video works have been screened at several festivals, projections and exhibitions such as Video as Autobiography (Vivo Media Arts Center; Vancouver, 2015); the 4th International Video Poetry Festival (Athens, 2015). She was selected for El pueblo – Searching for Contemporary Latin America at the 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2016). She will soon be participating in the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival (Sarajevo, November 2016).


She will begin her doctoral research in 2017, within the program Advanced Studies in Artistic Production at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Torrente (Notas del retorno – postal #1). 2016. Mixed collage.


Jardín. Homenaje a Marie Menken. De Notas del retorno. 2016.


Intentos de relieve. 2015. Carved pieces of marble, alabaster and bronze. Drawings.



Historial de navegación. 2014. Collage digital.
Historial de navegación. 2014. Digital collage.


Diagrama. 2016.
Diagrama. 2016. Mixed collage.


Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 15.40.29
A propósito del paisaje (apuntes performáticos). 2015. Mixed collage, photograph.


2016. GIF.




Drawing, scanner. La improbable horizontal.


Textil impreso. 2016.
Printed textile. 2016.
Rio perplejo. 2016.GIF.
02_A N
Notas del retorno – postal #2. 2016. Mixed collage.