Recording: Class with Luis Miguel Isava

On November 22, researcher, translator, and poet Luis Miguel Isava was invited to a session of the Micropolitics of Creation, Archives, and the Cities of the Future seminar, dictated by Professor Camila Pulgar Machado with Backroom Caracas as guest. We were fortunate to hear him speak about Jacques Derrida’s Archive Fever—the notion of archive and how it fuses with the notions of nature and culture. During his lecture, Isava addressed subjects such as tattooing as a bodily archive and his own library as a personal archive and travel journal. He also mentioned how dictionaries––testimonies of his passion for languages—make up his archive of idioms and denote his desire to learn them.


We are glad to share with you a recording of this encounter, filmed and edited by Diplo Producciones in Caracas, Venezuela.