Temporada de Mangos



Recorded over several months during his daily commute and with a small camera, this video essay by Venezuelan filmmaker José Ostos is a look at the symbolic fabric of the city of Caracas. From its prose poetry narration, its degraded image, its panoramic views, its camera that moves from inside a car or remains static from above, Temporada de mangos [Mango Season] dwells on the movements and presences that we often take for granted: it invites us to question the political, social and ecological symbols and symptoms that the city, in its chaos, has rendered invisible. With the voice of José Ignacio Benítez and sounds by Cristóbal Feaugas and Héctor Tosta.
– – – –

Images, plot and editing – José Ostos
Sounds – Cristóbal Feaugas and Héctor Tosta
Voice – José Ignacio Benítez
Titles – Lucía Guinand



About the Artist:

José Ostos (Caracas, 1991) holds a degree in Mass Communications from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. He currently lives and works in Caracas. Among his audiovisual works are the short films Feng Shui (2012), Se va (2013), Los viajes platónicos (2014) and Semiosis Hipervinculada (2014), as well as music videos for different Venezuelan bands, including La Vida Boheme, Recordatorio, Presidente and Los Colores. In 2015 he co-founded Capitolio, where he works as audiovisual director. In 2016 he co-wrote and edited La Causa, the first feature length film with the production company.